Here's Tony G's 1950's Gibson Maestro resto.
Here's Tony G's 1950's Gibson Maestro resto.
 Remove all thin cloth wallpaper type covering and inspect cab for damage.
On this cab the rear lower panel has to be removed in order to remove speaker baffle.
This channel has to be wider and deeper to accept premium covering.
Nail heads have to be reset filled and sanded along with all other chips and dents in the cab.
Piping channel after re - routing.
Top has been covered to piping channel, and rear lower panel removed .
(literally had to break it out "gently").

Lower half is then covered and fit using one piece of stock just the same as the top.
The baffle was recovered and installed .
Back panel is then re-installed and covering is completed
After back panel has been covered,
final install of chassis, feet and corners and a retro style handle complete the job.

Now Tony has an amp that looks as good as it sounds !
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